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Crazy Eddie's Last Hurrah

Yesterday I was tired, groggy, and inexplicably sore all over although I haven't worked out at ALL this week. *is fat and bloated* None of my pants fit comfortably. I'm hardly eating anything because my stomach hurts when I do, although last night after Bo's obedience class we went to Pick Up Stix and I had Yakisoba, which was nommy and good and did not bother my stomach. (Neither, oddly, did the "Taco Rice" we had on Wednesday night or its leftovers I had Wednesday for lunch.) It seems to hit sometime in the afternoon, so I've decided to try to do without Diet Coke past lunch, since the morning caffeine appears to be all right with yonder stomach. Trying to drink more water. Bounced up to 176 pounds. Erg.

Haven't watched this week's Chuck yet, but did catch the finale of House. Meh. I think if Hugh Laurie wasn't so brilliant, I'd have given up on this show some time back. I just don't understand why any hospital would send its administrator and its top diagnostician (who walks with a cane) to a disaster site to help with triage. I realize that Princeton Plainsboro has only seven doctors on staff who must handle everything from random blood tests to crash trauma, though (not to mention emergency amputation surgery). Gah. I don't expect realism from any hospital show, but GAH. Even Scrubs paid more attention to details like that! (There was a whole episode involving how to handle touchy lab techs to get one's test results back faster.) I was floored a few weeks ago when Cuddy actually told House that his patient's "insurance won't cover that." "You mean... they HAVE medical insurance in this universe?! Never mentioned it before!" Even when running every test known to medical science on a homeless woman in her private hospital room.

At least as things go into repeats I can catch up on HIMYM.

Speaking of Chuck, Zachary Levi posted this picture, which I thought was nifty -- it's a picture of the Morocco coast taken from Spain.

CBS is moving The Big Bang Theory to the already over-crowded Thursdays. I had thought with FlashForward being canceled I could finally watch Community since Bones and Fringe are already holding down one of the DVR channels, but apparently it's not to be. Even as they take shows away from me they want to make sure I can't even watch those I still do... (Vaguely humorous side note: The shows that ABC has canceled are the ones I watched live. The ones which have been renewed are the ones I DVR and watch later. Heh. Go fig.)

Did enjoy LOST and am geared up for the finale. Will miss this show! Still mind-boggling that ABC gave this its full run. I guess lying and saying "Why, no, it's not a genre show! Everything will have a scientific explanation!" actually works... (Because there will always be scientific explanations for time traveling islands, alternate timelines, and immortal people.)

And this picture was found by someone who noted the fellow's amazing resemblance to Eddie Murphy! I love looking at old photos.

Cranky Kathy is cranky. And has to go to work now. Phoo.

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!

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