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I haz a headache

I was just dragged around the block by a dog who apparently only has leash training when he wants to (and when there aren't big dogs and little dogs in every yard come to bark at him). I missed most of House, I'll have to watch the recording later. First I think I'll take some drugs.

I've seen this on a couple of journals, but I cribbed it directly from cornerofmadness:

Post the first lines from your last 20 stories:

1) Muerte.
(From the still temporarily named "The Long Way Home," the 2008 NaNo entry.)

2) It took every ounce of strength he had to stand up and introduce himself. “Hello, my name is Matt, and I’m an alcoholic.” (Sequel to "Ring of Fire," very rough.)

3) Della stared at the empty mirror in fascination, unable to drag her gaze away from the reflection she wasn’t casting. (Another sequel, this one unnamed.)

4) Let me tell you about my Dad. (Unnamed story from Danny's POV.)

5) The rare sound of his wife's voice raised in anger made Matt turn from his desk. (Another unnamed story, vague attempt at porn)

6) They all tell me he’s the same. Exactly the same. That there’s no difference at all. (The Dr. Who short I wrote from Rose's POV)

7) Danny Sullivan looked at the dusty schoolyard, a bright green football fielding seeming out of place amidst the rest of the perfectly xeroscaped land, brown-on-brown desert, a weird attempt by the school district to exist in harmony with the rocky Arizona desert. ("The Magic Within," the 2009 NaNo)

8) The leather made comfortable squishy sounds as Cody snuggled into the crook of Matt’s arm. (Another unnamed--this one unfinished--pron story)

9) The old doors of the church creaked as someone pulled them open. (An unnamed story about Sean Patrick's return to Texas after his time in Europe.)

10) Matt O’Connor sank himself deeper into the rich leather upholstery of his new Jaguar as it idled to the curb and luxuriated there a moment. ("Flesh and Blood," an actual short story, submitted and everything.)

11) Moira Devine held her fiancé's arm as they walked up the ramp to the deck of the Mediterranean Sun, leaving Cairo behind, and smiled softly as she greeted the crew members who stood there welcoming the passengers. (A novella I need a title for, about how Moira and Sean Patrick meet)

12) The hitchhiker appeared so suddenly, just a pale face in the darkness, that Paul barely registered the sight before he was speeding past. ("The Ride," another actual short story. This one's marginally better than the other.)

13) There was really very little doubt the man was an American, more than simply his peculiar way of speaking, which Zachary did not even hear for some time, but rather taking into account the manner in which he wore his coat and hat, cocked over one eye in that self-assured style that marked the colonists, particularly those who came from the enchanting land crafted by novelists, the colorful West, as this American did. (My Dickens pastiche. Unfinished.)

14) Las Vegas is a perfect setting for vice. ("Vampire and Me," NaNo 2007)

15) The fiery red glow of sunset had faded from the sky as Sean Patrick walked down Santa Monica pier, leaving a cool evening starting to spark with nightlife. (Unfinished, unnamed short story.)

16) Sean Patrick stepped into the shadows thrown across the parking lot by the setting sun. (The opening line of Ring of Fire)

Apparently, I don't have 20 stories on this computer. I'd have to see what I could find on old CDs or something, because now I'm guessing that anything older than Ring of Fire is lost on old computer drives I can't read anymore OR exist now only in paper form. I probably have at least four more in my head, but they haven't been committed to computer yet; at least one will probably be my NaNo this year, and another arrived almost fully formed this morning when I woke from my first Sean Patrick dream wherein he and a lovely woman named Gail were meeting somewhere with her two-year-old daughter Amy, sometime in the early 50's. Sean Patrick has a way of meeting women.

Hee hee hee.

I came home and did a 30-minute workout with my DVD. Go, me. Am tired now.

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!

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