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Full again, naturally

Dear Body,

I know you like chocolate frosted toaster pastries for breakfast. I know they are nommy and delicious. But every time you eat them your stomach hates you for HOURS, so STOP EATING THEM.

Love, Your Brain

Did get to the gym this morning and did only 35 minutes ellipsis, then a 10-minute easy walk/cool down on the treadmill. Ate toaster pastries for breakfast (bad). Had a few Triscuits for snack (okay). A Banquet frozen chicken lunch meal (iffy). Did not snack afternoon. sillymagpie came over and rahirah came home and we went out to Flavors of India for dinner. Ate tikka kabob and lamb & spinach and another chicken dish with lovely rice, naan & raita, and those spicy crackers, plus an Indian beer (Taj Mahal). All unbelievably nommy. Am full now, and undoubtedly ate far more calories than I worked off.

My office takes "casual Friday" to another level and calls it "Company Name Friday" and we all get t-shirts to wear. So Friday mornings I leave the gym a walking advert for my company, since my gym bag and my water bottle also have the familiar logo prominently displayed.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I will not exercise. So there.
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