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First Week in May Workout Routine

Okay, so Monday I did not get up and go to the gym, but I DID come home and put in the SHAPE DVD I work out to. After a week and a half being sick, I did not do very well, pooping out less than halfway through the cardio sections, but I did manage to at least keep moving (slightly) for the whole 30 minutes. Ended with a stitch in my side and feeling dehydrated, so drank water and did all right for the night. Weight: 169.

Tuesday: Yay, back in the gym. Weight circuit, then ellipsis. Felt good. Don't remember what I ate, nothing extravagant. Good day.

Wednesday: Another day in the gym. OMG, sore. Ate like a pig for Cinco de Mayo (tamales, beans, cheese crisps, and OMG again, crema superior, which is Mexican sour cream that makes the regular stuff look (and taste) kinda like slightly thickened skim milk. Then had a sugar-coated pan dulce with strawberry stuff in the center). Weight: 170.

Thursday: Still a little sore; slept in, did not go to the gym. Came home and did a FULL 30-minute workout with the DVD, including all the cardio sections, pretty perfectly, then went out and ran the dog around a while. Not bad eating-wise, one leftover tamale (still more crema superior, though), but did have ice cream for dessert.

Friday: Am up for the gym. Expect to do at least 40 minutes on the ellipsis, may come home and do the DVD, depending on how quickly I get here. Weight: 172.


My thanks to virtual workout buddy framefolly, who got me working again!
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