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The day after Star Wars day is "Revenge of May the Fifth."

Bueno Cinco de Mayo, all. It's a hot day in Phoenix, but the Food City was surprisingly empty (of course, according to almost every Hispanic person I know, it's the gringos who celebrate Cinco de Mayo). I bought some beans, sour cream, and pan dulces to eat with our tamales and cheese crisps tonight.

I may not often agree with my state politically, but I love it anyway. While it's bakingly hot, it's also lovely, especially this time of year, as the State Tree, the glorious Palo Verde, bursts into brilliant gold flowers:

They're lovely to see, and growing just EVERYWHERE, especially along all the highways, since it's the favored tree of landscapers. Just outside my office door one is growing that's taller than any one I've ever seen before, and they've trimmed it up high so it doesn't block the door (the palo verde is usually kind of shrubby):

Last night's LOST: GAH!!! This show is so consistently good. I never feel like they're doing things just to shock or horrify me, but actually in service to their (admittedly deeply confusing and occasionally frustrating) plot. I can't believe it's almost over.

I haven't seen Chuck yet this week. Last night we had to take Bo out for a walk because he would NOT settle down. He is settled, now, though, after I came home and ran him around a little in the yard. He's flopped out on the rug instead of trying to be in my lap with my computer.

I'm back to a daily workout, but after a week and more off when I was sick, my body is now screamingly angry at me, even though I also had a massage yesterday. My legs feel like I was beating them with a stick. I'm okay as long as I don't move, but when I start doing so, ouch.

One of my favorite indie Americana artists (based in Austin, originally from Houston) has a weekly blog he sends out, and this week he said this:

God Bless the Gulf Coast and pray that those fisherman can recover from this mindboggling disaster. I've talked to my close friends in Louisiana and they say it's a lot worse than what the media is reporting. Being a hotrod owner, I'm not exactly Joe Tree Hugger when it comes to oil and gas (I love the smell of burning fuel from a flat-head Ford!) but you'd think we could be using that big fireball above us called the SUN, and that other thing that blows down the middle of Texas called the WIND, a little more than we do for energy....hello?

I had to admit I've felt that way. God knows I love those gas-guzzling muscle cars to pieces. But man, SOLAR. It's Arizona!

I'm really getting addicted to this site. I suppose it should be called "waste of time.com" but it's fun.
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