Kats (wildrider) wrote,

Wonderful Mayday Weekend

This has been a good weekend.

Yesterday, Mayday, we did a little shopping, a little cleaning, some laundry, and then had the gang over for a lovely cheese night (with various wines and crackers and such), watched some Anime/animation (hee for the Don Hertzfeldt shorts!), and just had a nicely libatious time for Mayday.

Review of the newest Dr. Who episode. I agree with a lot of this. I am still expecting better of Moffat. So far... meh. I like Smith/Dr. Eleven pretty well (although I REALLY wish he would do something besides being Ten all over again. How about a cynical, calculating Doctor, like Three; or a funny, double-talking Doctor, like Two; or a overly polite, make-you-underestimate-him Doctor, like Five? They weren't ALL ADHD-hyper), but so far the stories aren't thrilling me.

Today I cleared Tivo off almost completely (except for "Hamlet," which I'll get to), cooked a delicious salmon dinner (with cous cous and corn, with fresh water chestnuts & fruit - YUM!), then took Bo for a walk around the park -- unlike Sam, he loves to walk and see things and I found out that it's a really nice little park up there (all these years we've lived here, I've only gone there a couple of times).

Now I shall take a bath and read for a while. Plus, I had the great good fortune to actually get THREE of the new dragons I've been trying to get! Woot!

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!

I hope your Sunday was as good!

Tags: doctor who, food, weekend
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