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Now we are four

It has been a strangely busy week. I hadn’t really meant to not update, but somehow the days got away from me.

That happens when I’m actually writing, whee! (Actually, editing, but a whole new chapter appeared and I’m putting that in now.) Not doing much else, sadly, largely because I feel like I’m staving off SOMETHING again; I can feel it in the back of my throat and the back of my head, and I’m tired and draggy. Same as always, I never feel quite bad enough to stay home, but I just don’t feel like myself. Mostly the last few days I’ve been laying around the living room either playing with dragons or writing a little, editing a little, or that sort of thing.

On Tuesday I had suggested we have wings for dinner. Instead of bringing wings home, rahirah brought home a dog (some nice pictures available on her journal). His name is Bo, and he’s a very nice dog, really – quite handsome, and very smart, but he’s young and easily distracted. “Ball! Wait, car! Noise in the alley! Hey! You’re standing there! RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN!!!” But while he’s a dynamo in the yard (especially if he hasn't seen me in, say, five minutes), he’s actually quite good in the house. He has been distracted by cats (especially when they move quickly), but he hasn’t made any move to seriously go after them. What freaked me out was when Silhouette, who has all his life pretty much ignored the existence of dogs (and we’ve always had one, as long as we’ve had Silly), suddenly went berserk and FLEW across the coffee table to attack Bo, who was just standing there being reprimanded for having gone to look closely at Cairo, who was all puffed up and keeping his distance. (My poor little nervous baby, he's creeping around the house like he's on kitty tiptoe, expecting to be ambushed at any second. He was HIDING when I got home this afternoon, and the fact that he didn't come to meet me at the door had me panicking until he came out from behind the sofa.)

Barb thinks we should change his name because “Bo” sounds like “no,” so I’ve been calling him Kwyjibo, just ‘cause it’s delightfully geeky (he doesn’t bear any resemblance to an actual kwyjibo). After all, Bo (or Beau) is a good dog name, good enough for the First Dog, anyway. But if another name presents itself that works for him, I’m easy. At least he answers when he’s called. And mostly he knows how to sit. But we shall see.

There goes a perfectly good urban legend.

I know I have at least one friend who CAN read Chinese... Hee!

My homemade Fundido sauce is quite yummy, but not as smooth and spicy as that at Arriba. I'll play with it some more.

I recently watched the Elvis movie It Happened At The World's Fair for the first time in many many years and there's one distant scene of a snow-capped mountain and I couldn't help but wonder if it was Mt. Rainier, or Mt. St. Helen's before the eruption (the movie was shot in 1962, much of it actually AT the Century 21 Expo in Seattle and the surrounding areas, but of course a lot was stock film used with a studio bluescreen). It didn't look like the pictures of Mt. Rainier I HAVE seen, but I just don't know for sure.

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!

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