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Things which occur to me sometimes

I have a lot of erudite, intelligent, learned, and well-read friends. I am none of these things. I like popcorn romance or "mystery" (largely with animals as the detectives) books and I like Elvis movies (yes, I do!). I garble things when I try to sound intelligent and I often mispronounce things or use them incorrectly. I am occasionally embarrassed by these things I enjoy because I am scoffed at by people I like and I want them to like me, as well, so I pretend I don't like these things. But I do, and I shouldn't care if anyone else likes 'em as long as I enjoy 'em myself. It's taken me this long to figure that out. So there.

I even like Twitter. I really do. It requires little attention, and I've already found that I prefer to follow light humorous entertainment people rather than heavy political "important" people (except for Nick Kristoff and CNN).

But I am not a poet, despite it being National Poetry Month (it makes me think of the Mike Nesmith song I Am Not That, which goes: "I am not a poet, I cannot make a rhyme, I do not know the big words like spritz and paradigm"), so I will not even attempt to write any.

BUT I am writing prose again, which is a good thing (actually, editing; in re-reading the Billy the Kid story, I find I rather like it -- it just needs some expanding here and some cutting there, the product of having been a Nano project). It had been some weeks since I'd last even opened WordPerfect.

I've been doing a fairly intense 30-minute workout but I must have pulled something in my thigh because now it really hurts, dang it. How am I supposed to keep to a regular, consistent workout if my body doesn't cooperate?

What should I make for dinner? Barb is going to stop at the store and pick up some things...

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!

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