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The Eleventh Hour

As a Doctor Who fan: SQUEEE!!! He's the Doctor! I love Eleven! Fun story! Very Doctor-y! He wears Ten's suit most of the way through before landing on his own style exactly (and I mean EXACTLY) the way Eight did (stealing out of medical doctor's lockers)! Wheee! I love it!

As a critic: Um, can Steven Moffat tell another story but "The Doctor and the Little Girl"? This is The Girl In the Fireplace with a happy ending, Blink where the Doctor actually gets to be a part of the action. I expect good things from Moffat, and I hope I'm not disappointed. I HATE the new theme song. It's almost as bad as Seven's. New TARDIS looks lovely, though, and there is very good dynamic between The Doctor and Amy. She also comes mostly free of family, although if she really trusts the Doctor to get her back "by tomorrow morning" after waiting for him to come "back in five minutes" for fourteen years, she's nuts.

On the whole? Promising beginning for the next era. Matt Smith is more than a credible Doctor, but he does have to develop his own take on the character and not just be Ten all over again. Although in some scenes he reminded me of Five (Davison), to be honest; it was such a frantic episode, though, it could very easily have been written for Ten (as I said, Girl in the Fireplace with a happy ending). We shall see as the series goes on.

Silhouette looks just like Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon. He's even, well, toothless. I have to get Photoshop installed here and see if I can make an animated gif which will prove this. *grin*

Happy Easter to all who celebrate! We sort of forgot today was a holiday and as such did not do our Costco shopping yesterday and now the coupons have expired because Costco is NEVER open on a holiday (seriously, the best job to have in retail--there's never any turnover at the store we go to; they've had the same crew for years). Phooey.

But we did have a lovely day yesterday, anyway, hanging out around the house with the ever-lovely framefolly, looking at dogs, and then a delicious dinner at The Bluewater Grille and watching the last two hours of The Ten Commandments on ABC.

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!

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