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I changed the look of my LJ, so I like the colors better and it keeps my friends section from going all weird if someone posts a big picture or some other weirdness from the internet. Looks much better.

I'm trying to write but it's not coming out, so I keep getting up and roaming aimlessly around the house. I should do some housework, but my brief attempt to do so was foiled by a dirty vacuum filter, which I washed and am waiting for to dry. My arm hurts weirdly (from a point on my shoulderblade, making me wonder if something isn't pinched up there), so typing hurts. There's absolutely nothing whatsoever on television. I'd watch more B5 but now sillymagpie is watching with me, too, and I don't want to jump episodes ahead, especially now we've reached the point where the actual story has started ("Signs & Portents," hello, Mr. Morden!). I don't have a DVD player in my office, and I can't get channels above 100 without the main converter in the living room. I seem to have lost one of the books I was re-reading, I have about six reviews I should be doing but none of the discs really made me stand up and take notice so I keep putting them off while "I try to think about something good to say" and it's too hot outside to go pull (or trim away) all the weeds growing alongside the fence on the street side. The weed trimming and housework is the stuff that REALLY needs to be done, since Mom will be coming by on Wednesday, and goodness knows I don't want her to know how we REALLY live...

Sean Patrick is standing on a roof somewhere in Burbank with another vampire who is explaining to him that his attitude towards humans and his own human family has gotten him tagged in the vampire world as some weird, dimwit remedial. I had a great scene in my head, but it refuses to exit my fingers.


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Jun. 13th, 2004 08:11 pm (UTC)
Sorry to hear about the shoulder. Here's hoping it improves soon! I had something like that once, and it turned out to be from spending =lots= of time working at the computer at the office and reaching for the phone. The HR people rearranged my office to supposedly be more ergonomic. That plus massage helped.

I should be along on Wednesday, so maybe we can watch Bab5 then. I'd come over sooner, but with gas prices what they are, a 30-mile round trip costs a lot more than it used to. Why doesn't someone come along and offer me free gasoline? Or a hypbrid car? Or both? This is one of the great mysteries of my life, along with "Why am I not obscenely rich?"

Jun. 13th, 2004 08:15 pm (UTC)
Well, I'm leaving town with my Mom Wednesday afternoon, so I won't be here... :) However, I should be back Saturday, so maybe then.

Obscene wealth would be good.

Arm is better -- hot bath and Advil seemed to help. I think there is a muscle in there that's all tensed; Barb poked at it a little and I can feel it there. Ouchie!

Jun. 13th, 2004 08:19 pm (UTC)
I can come over Tuesday, if that works. I'm trying to be a moderately good girl and watch the number of car trips I make, while waiting impatiently for gasoline to go down in price. Way down. :/

I'm glad it helped. You might want to put the "back buddy" on it for a while. When all else fails, try generic Doan's Pills. I swear by them.

Jun. 13th, 2004 08:34 pm (UTC)
Tuesday's good with me. :)

I'm still burned about how much cheaper gas was down in Maricopa. Feh. I put $5 more than my usual budget for gas in the tank and didn't even fill it completely.

You could always make us come to you sometime. :)

BTW, I did respond to your email, but our server isn't connecting for outgoing mail (go figure) -- it says the "server is too busy."
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