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Random things

Coming home from work I was behind someone with personalized plates which read: GETDOGZ

It's like the universe is telling me something.

Now, the main reason I have been against getting another dog is just because Barb and I tend toward the lazy side and don't give a dog as much attention as a dog should get. So we said to each other, "You can't have a dog unless you take care of him! You have to walk him and feed him and brush him, etc., etc., etc." Just like talking to a five-year-old. :-)

Barb's birthday is Saturday. Pass it on.

Yesterday it was 88F for a high. Tomorrow the high will be 61F. Arizona springs are a little on the unusual side. But on the other hand, the air smells like orange blossoms, and for whatever else I may be allergic to, it's never been orange blossoms.

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!

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