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I sometimes wish...

I were eloquent.


I am contemplative, at times, but I read some of my friends' journals and I wonder where my brain goes sometimes.

Today I drove to Maricopa to meet my mother for lunch. Had a nice time. Ate too much, and didn't really eat that much; then had a big dinner, too. Feel VERY full at the moment. The good news is I'm still losing, so one "cheat" day isn't too bad, especially when I was able to go to a casino buffett and not eat like a horse. I fried chicken at home and this time did it right, per Alton Brown -- came out very nicely, I was most pleased. :) The secret is CRISCO, not oil. Sheesh, I wish I'd remembered that's what mom used!

After seeing "Prisoner of Azkaban" I made this icon:
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