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People often make me go "huh?"

Apparently, the self-same woman at work I mentioned a while back as being "all right" with racial profiling ("if I'm not doing anything wrong, they won't arrest me") is also afraid of the census. I'm not sure why, this one was hearsay, but it got me wondering, and I asked, why is it that Americans fear our government so much? What is it in the American mind that makes this happen? To my knowledge, the American government has never been truly competent enough to take over American lives in any significant way, and currently our "horrific, socialist government" appears to be populated with mostly Kindergartners who are too busy going "nyah nyah!" to each other to actually accomplish ANYTHING, good or bad. So I'm not sure what the "tea party"/"coffee party"/etc. groups are so afraid of. Near as I can tell, our government is at once a dastardly, overbearing monolith ready to pounce on us all and strangle our liberties to death while at the same time they are all idiots who can't do anything right. I'm not sure how it can be both.

And while thinking about it, if indeed there hasn't been any change under Obama, then why are Bush's followers so angry about everything?

The last two mornings there's been a very aggressive driver in a Dodge Charger crowding me as we exit (through a construction zone, mind you) while I'm already speeding. He/she whips around me as soon as we get through the narrow point and races up to at least 80, which I know because I go between 65 and 75 most of the time on this stretch, and he always stays well ahead of me. Now, I know I'm a speeder, but I TRY not to tailgate, especially when the conditions don't allow the person in front of me to go any faster. (I have to admit a certain satisfaction when some tailgating yahoo comes around me and sees that I'm blocked on all sides and there's a REASON I'm not going any faster...)

Hooray for Friday.
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