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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Every year the people I have worked with for the last 12 years are AMAZED that I dress to the nines on St. Patrick's Day. DUH, green is my favorite color, I have a TON of green to wear; I don't need to wait for March 17 (I frequently wear green all week long).

I made a lovely loaf of Irish Soda Bread (no raisins) which everyone liked. There was a veritable TON of food today, including really nommy cheese and crackers, which I pigged out on like a pig.

I found my missing tracks, hooray! (Hopefully the original tapes are still good quality; considering older filksong tapes are doing fine, I have high hopes.) I just have to re-digitize them.

Three days ago the highs were in the lower 60's and the morning lows were hovering around 50 degrees. I wore my heavy coat on Monday to work. This morning? A sweater. It's 84 out there now, and all the doors and windows are open. Of course, this means the yard is already knee-deep in weeds. Arizona is as green as it should be on March 17 (this won't last too long, I'm betting). I'm sure a lot of people don't want to hear about our weather right now... (I walked outside a minute ago and the air has suddenly exploded with the scent of orange blossoms; they're popping right this minute.)

Capsule reviews of the shows we saw this time in Vegas: The new Cirque de Soliel "Viva Elvis" show is, largely, for Elvis fans. It's got a hint of Cirque-ness, but mostly it's a music review with some great dancing; had it not had the phrase "Cirque de Soliel" in the title, it would have been a spectacular, wonderful, magnificent show -- but unlike the Beatles' "LOVE," I just can't recommend this to anyone who's not already an Elvis fan. (Although I could be wrong, maybe it might make someone look further into his music after seeing it.) Personally, I loved it; and the Cirque DID do a spectacular thing with acrobats on trampolines for "Got A Lotta Livin' To Do" which was breathtaking.

The new headliner at the Mirage, Terry Fator: This guy won "America's Got Talent" a while back. He deserved it. He's AWESOME. I had been largely disappointed in the fellow who used to be there, Danny Gans (who got lots of great press but just didn't impress me that much); but Mom and I had heard good things about Fator, so we gave him a try. He was HILARIOUS, and probably the best ventriloquist I've ever seen (or heard). I think I laughed all the way through. Plus, since he won all that money from the TV show, all the proceeds from his store go to charity, AND he's just about the nicest headliner I've ever seen -- he encouraged people to take pictures, even videotape sections for personal use. Unfortunately, I was really back too far to get a good shot, even with the telephoto, but we did buy his DVD.

Awesome article!

Silhouette won't eat anything but tuna. I went and bought several cans which, on sale, were actually cheaper than some cat food. I'd read once it's bad to feed cats ONLY fish, but at his age, I'd rather he not starve himself. (I spoke too soon. He's scorning tuna. *headdesk*)

Trader Joe's has ONCE AGAIN discontinued something I loved; in this case, the Mediterranean cheese-style Greek yogurt, leaving only their 2%, which is dandy if you're just eating it, but when you use it in recipes, like, oh, YOGURT CHEESE, it's not quite as good. The 2% is okay for yogurt cheese, but it takes like twice as long to drain and it's not as thick and creamy (this also means tzatziki). ARGH. At least they seem to have some of my favorite wines in permanent stock (knock wood); I didn't get any, since I've been very good this Lent and haven't had any, so my wine rack is completely full, as is the Fridge.

With this in mind, I must embed this song:

Joy! FlashForward comes back tomorrow! And last night's LOST? Pretty awesome. (Maybe not "as good" as last week's, but last week's would have been very hard to top, largely because the guy who plays Ben is SO ASTOUNDING. He has to be one of the best actors on television, hands down. And I can't wait to see next week's!)
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