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I ponder as I ponder

So I've spent the last few days painstakingly re-building my iTunes library. It's slow going, but iTunes was REALLY helpful in letting me (one time only!) re-download all my purchases, and, once that was done, I did a complete CD backup of everything. I want to change the music on my iPod, dang it! (It's been loaded with the same music since November.)

But it makes me ponder as I do so -- and I wonder if I really SHOULD spend the money to recover the data on that hard drive. It's VERY expensive and all I'd be getting back are writing backups I have elsewhere, on CD and several other drives, as well as some hard copy, a bunch of saved Craig Ferguson episodes (which would be nice to have, but hardly vital), and downloaded Classic Dr. Who eps, many of which are now available on DVD. Also, Costco has a 1.5 Terrabyte external drive on sale this month for $250, a fraction of what data recovery would cost (and this time, I won't move the drive around from place to place OR drop it several times, which I'm sure led to its failure).

Should I be smart and save some money (especially since I actually owe money to the Feds this year) -- we're going to be going to Florida later this year, and it would be nice to have some extra. Not to mention other, important expenses I should be saving for, like new windows and carports and other such things.

I've been feeling just a little off the last few days -- tired and draggy and kinda stupid in my brain for most of the day, with some hours managing more like normal, and then going back in the evenings. That of course may be part of the reason I've just been sitting around vegging and ripping CDs.

I had somewhere around 9,000 songs in my iTunes library; I'm up to 2,834, and that's including some analog tracks I spent the last two days recording with my new "convert vinyl" dohickey that Barb got me -- once I figured out how to use it, it became AWESOME. I was enjoying listening to songs I hadn't heard in years; although I realized that I had actually gotten so used to the skip in Ringo's "Goodnight Vienna" that it was how I remembered the song, but I decided against digitizing it with that skip... I knew I kept that turntable around for a reason. But I have to back up all the newly digitized tracks.

Backup, backup, backup. I got really good at that when it came to writing (hence my non-concern about what story files may have been on that drive), after losing quite a bit of stuff, but now I have learned it about media files.

I learned last night that Trader Joe's Jo-Jos, unlike Oreos, DO actually have a shelf life. I had bought a box a while back but then wasn't in the mood for them until last night; I opened them to discover they had most definitely gone off, so with sadness, I threw them out. Now I know I can only get them when I AM in the mood...

Tomorrow I leave for Las Vegas. If I don't get a chance to log on Friday, I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to nutmeg3, a little early.

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