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Early morning and not enough sleep

I tried to get up earlier today so I could actually write what I'd been thinking about last night, but I just couldn't do it. I wandered out into the living room and stood there stupidly for a minute or so, then went back to bed, re-setting the alarm for the later time. This gives me not as much time to create my words of wisdom (or get to my email which I didn't get to last night). But I did, at least, last night draw a picture, which is something I haven't done in some months (going by the dates in my sketchbook, I'd say over a year; everything in there is dated "00" and "01." There may have been an "02," but I don't remember seeing it. Still, looking at those old pictures reminds me of stories I'd actually not mind finishing, if of course I can find copies of them -- I lost all my fiction during a computer changeover, when I thought I'd copied them and later found out I'd not done so, after everything had been wiped, and file-recovery was a bust. This happened AGAIN just a few months ago when I restored this current hard drive. This time I made sure to make backups on CD... and then after everything was wiped, found the CD which I'd backed up all my fiction, reviews, etc., on was faulty and nothing was on it.

I figured the Universe didn't want me writing. So much for personal fiction. At least one of my web mistresses kept all my reviews and was able to return them to me. The rest I'd have to do a dedicated search for, oh, well, starting over now. >click<

It was, in fact, about the time of the first computer/fiction disaster that I pretty much stopped writing. All the drips and drabs I've done since then are now gone completely since I hadn't been writing those in shared universes and as such, they're gone, gone, gone (although I have some timeline notes here and there, if I can find them).

So now I'm trying again.

I don't like the Windows updates to XP. :P My computer now thinks I'm only one of many users and makes me log in every time I turn off the screen saver or turn it on. I HATE extra steps. I tried to turn this option off. I hope I succeeded.

Damn, it's already time for work and I haven't done anything (like make lunch). :P
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