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There is no Arizona

It's lovely in Sedona right now, although it's way and away not the town I was last in. I can't really remember when we came up here last (I have pictures, but it may have been as long as a decade, but I'm not exactly sure), but SOMEHOW the town has expanded like MILES south beyond Tlaquepaque, when that was really the first thing you came to. There were shops and houses and everything extending all the way down almost to the 10. Wow.

There have been Ravens. Ravens are good. They strut.

We walked up and down the old main street, still littered with overpriced galleries and tourist shops, all lovely. I finally found the copper chains I've wanted for ever so long. We don't have touristy kitsch much in the center of Phoenix anymore. If I had a couple grand, I'd buy a ton of the gorgeous Western wear I saw in various places -- shirts and skirts and oh, the BOOTS!!! We ate at the Cowboy Club, which is an interesting slightly upscale Southwest cuisine -- and all that word means -- with interesting and very tasty things like cactus fries (deep fried strips of cactus), buffalo satay with southwestern peanut sauce, snake on a skewer, duck carnitas, beef tenderloin mac & cheese, and many other yummy things. I had pulled pork BBQ which came on a wonderful soft roll with very excellent slaw. It was good, and not really that expensive.

Now we're kicking back in our hotel room. View of the parking lot, oh, well. The Internet is free, and there's a nice little mini-fridge to keep the champagne in (for tomorrow night).

This. Says it all, with much more detail than I did. Especially this part:

It's here, with these few words, that the specials begin a downward spiral. The next three episodes become a game of "gotcha!" between Davies and the audience, who will spend all their viewing time listening for clues to those four knocks. And Davies allows the Doctor himself to become obsessed with his own "death" - a sudden turnaround from how he handled such thoughts in "The Next Doctor," when he took the notion of an inescapable regeneration quite lightly.

Worse, the character spends much of the next three specials as kind of a dick and kind of a coward. He's been both before, but those were previous incarnations; Tennant's Tenth Doctor was a selfless hero, coldhearted to his enemies but full of warmth and grace to everyone else. To hear him weep "I don't want to go!" after whining endlessly at the end of "The End of Time, Part Two" is to suddenly be faced with a whole new character, one that never manages to use his dickishness or his cowardice in the service of good drama.

I don't agree, for example, with his opinion of Journey's End, which I thought reeked like a reeking thing, but I do agree that, having done what he did with Donna, it would have been kinder to kill her.

I made brown sugar cookies last night. They're quite good.

We have to choose which of the many nice restaurants to eat at tomorrow evening for our Valentine's dinner. There IS a Sushi bar up here -- but it confuses me, since alongside of the name "Hiro's Sushi" is the Hindu character "Om." Fusion sushi, perhaps?

Thursday NPR had Shahrukh Khan on Morning Edition. I've been crazy about him since we saw Kal Ho Naa Ho and a couple of his other films, so I understand why he's so popular in India. His newest film is supposedly opening in the States, too, and I hope it opens in Phoenix. I'd love to see a Bollywood film on the big screen.
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