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This morning as I was washing dishes I heard a god-awful sound of birds outside, of the sort that usually means fighting or cats or something else, but when I opened the door, there was an unbelievable cacophony -- an enormous flock of starlings had landed in the big pine tree next door (as well as along all the power lines, in our pine trees, in the palm trees across the street, etc., etc.) and were chattering like mad. OMG. The noise! The noise! They hung around for a while but were gone when we got back from the store. My goodness.

He was hanging around the yard Friday and Saturday. I think he had a sore foot because he was having trouble standing/walking, but he could fly all right.

Saturday we had an early Chinese New Year's celebration at framefolly's place, with MUCHO NOMMY Chinese hot pot. I was stuffed and very happy.

I made no-bake cookies but forgot to bring 'em. So I ate a lot of them today. Bad me.

I did not watch one second of the Super Bowl this year. I watched a lot of Season 3 Deep Space Nine, instead. My goodness, that show was good.

This weekend I made two of these hats, which is a really easy and fun pattern, and the hats are really cute. (I haven't taken a picture of my completed ones yet. Later.) I have to figure out what the yardage actually is, since the ones I made were made from a couple of leftover One Pound Caron spools, from making the afghan:

1.) What is your character's name?
He was born Zachary Brennan Roxbury. Also uses Zachary Standish or Zachary Godwin.

2.) What does he/she look like?
About 5'9" or so, average build, average weight, hazel-green eyes, the only truly noticeable thing about his appearance is his red hair and freckles. Friendly smile.

3.) Where does he/she live?
London, England. Born in Nottingham.

4.) How old is he/she?
He was originally born in April, 1563, on the 16th (“Give or take eleven days, of course, depending on what calendar you’re using,” as he says).

5.) What time period does he/she live in?
1563 - 1920

6.) Does he/she have any relatives?
He did, and likely still does, but the main central line of his family died out in the mid-1800's.

7.) What is his/her favorite color?

8.) What is his/her favorite food?
Blood, really, but when it comes to human food, once chocolate was introduced to Europe, that was IT. Also loves a nice port.

9.) What types of clothes does he/she wear?
Anything serviceable, comfortable, and at least marginally in fashion. Not a clothes horse.

10.) Describe his/her pajamas:
Changes over the years, but usually a man’s standard nightshirt.

11.) What is his/her favorite book?
Loves all books. Some favorites are Chaucer, Shakespeare, Dickens; likes the Russians quite a bit, got a big kick out of Stoker.

12.) What is his/her favorite song/music genre?
Favorites are common folk songs, but does enjoy operetta and high opera, when he gets a chance to hear it. Has a real passion for bawdy drinking songs he can join in with and no one cares what his voice sounds like.

13.) How often does your character shower/brush his/her teeth?
Much more now than he did in the 16th century. He learned to care for his teeth after becoming immortal and it became far more important.

14.) When was the last time he/she went out on a date?
A DATE? Are you MAD?

15.) Does he/she have allergies/asthma/some strange disease or susceptibility to disease?
Nope. Vampire. Just a sincere fear of sharp wooden impliments.

16.) Does he/she play an instrument?
Plays violin with some skill.

17.) Does he/she collect items?
Books. Books, books, and more books. Oh, and books.

18.) Does he/she have any friends?
A few; his landlady, Mrs. Pettigrew; when he sees her, his vampire mother; Sean Patrick O’Connor.

19.) If you could place your person in a high school, which groups would he/she "click" with?
Nerds, brainiacs, library groupies, spelling bee fanatics.

20.) What hair styles does your character have?
It’s changed with the times. His favorite was the mid-to-late 1700's, Georgian times, because he could either just cover it with a wig or tie it back with a ribbon and not worry about it too much.

21.) If your character got lost in a forest, what would he/she do?
Steer by the stars.

22.) If your character got flicked off by someone, what would he/she do?
He doesn’t even understand that question.

23.) If your character was asked out on a date by a random person, what would he/she do?
Blink a few times in confusion and then wonder if she’s talking to someone else. He’s not really big on the whole male/female relationship thing, although he likes talking to anyone who likes to read.

24.) Does your character have any phobias?
Fear of sharp wooden objects and sunshine. Otherwise, not so much.

25.) Does your character have a job/profession?
He works nights in a bookstore, naturally. He has a small income from the Roxbury properties in the north country, but that’s not much more than a stipend.

26.) Is your character a morning person, or a late-night person?
He’s an all-day person, really. Sleep is for relaxation and enjoyment, but it can be done at any time.

27.) If your character met you, what would he/she say/do?
I’m not sure what we’d talk about. Books, probably; but he’s read a lot more of the classics than I have.

28.) When is your character's birthday?
April 16.

29.) What habits does your character have?
Very much a creature of habit – coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon with chocolate pastries, evening book with a glass of port, prepare for bed. Rinse, repeat. He can change up, but doesn’t too often.

30.) How would a character in your book who does not like this character describe him/her?
“Interfering, pandering, weak-willed, pathetic sub-vampire. Not worth the blood needed to keep it alive.” – Amanda

31) What did your character have for breakfast today?
Toast, kippers, poached eggs, cocoa, coffee, a mug of A+ from a friend.

32) What was your character doing five minutes before the story starts?
Reading the newest collection of Jeeves short stories from P.G. Wodehouse, just for fun.

I don't want to go back to work tomorrow. Sadly, they won't pay me for sitting around the house.

I need to read more Dickens. I've gotten a start on my pastiche, but I'm losing the voice. I'm also having trouble with the humor. Dickens is so sly with the humor, I need to work on that.
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