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Sure, he looks innocent in that icon...

But really, he's a criminal mastermind, out to either straight-out murder me or drive me to the grave by slow stages...

Last night I paused in what passes for our "hallway," talking to Barb in her office, pulling on one of my slippers. As I went to put my foot down, he whipped under me, forcing me to stumble, then topple over into the armchair, while he disappeared into the kitchen. I now feel like I'm bruised from shoulder to waist (although all that shows is a small bruise on my arm. Figures). Naturally, I landed pretty hard on my bad arm.

Then he determined to "love me" all night, pretty much from about 12:30 until 3:00, when I finally gave up with putting him at the foot of the bed so he'd stop walking on me and licking my fingers (tasting me?! Maybe Ferguson is right!) and asking to be petted, and once the door to the bedroom was closed, he started banging on it and crying to be let back in. I gave in, and he ran off and I never saw him again. I finally got back to sleep around 4:00 or so, just in time to get up when the alarm went off at 5:15. I think, on the whole, I got about four hours of interrupted sleep, and feel that way -- a feeling I usually reserve for days after a fun night at a honky-tonk.

And the OTHER cat insists that he's starving, but he refuses to eat the cat food I put down for him. *sigh*

As often happens when I don't sleep enough, I ate way too much today. It was one of those weird party days, where instead of all desserts, there were none, but there were a LOT of chips and cheesy dip and salsa and hot dogs and my baked beans and chicken wings. All very tasty, and of course, lots of leftover beans, so they're back in the oven baking some more, since they're more watery than baked beans should be (since I cooked them overnight, I didn't want to risk them drying out).

In listening to NPR today, I discovered that all of us who voted for Obama are illiterate fools who cannot even spell the word "vote" nor say it in English, and elected a "socialist ideologist." (This is the opinion of a speaker at the Tea Party convention. I'd love to find out how literate he is, and, as with many of them, if they actually can tell me what "socialism" means.) They played some of the same speech this evening on the ABC News, leaving out his comment about speaking English, and all the nasty things he said about how Obama was elected by immigrants. I wonder where his family came from?

I hope everyone on the East coast is staying warm (and SAFE!).
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