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Where I got a little drunk on wine

This morning as I drove in, I found myself behind someone with the personalized plate “PON FAR.” Hmmm. VERY slow driver, though. Refused to do more than 50 on the highway, so I got past him as soon as I could and never saw him again. (Yes, dang it, I drive fast. But I drive safe! I know when conditions call for speed!)

We went and got our framed pictures. They're pretty.

This is the big 11x14 we had framed:

We also had several of the prints done in a collage; I'll post pics when we have it hung.

My cat (just because):

The reason it's hard to get laundry folded:

I created a curry beef stew which came out very well. Leftover roast beef, carrots, potatoes, onions, curry sauce, brown rice, coconut milk, simmer until rice and roots are done. Yum.

Now there are baked beans baking in the oven for the Friday "Superbowl Tailgate Party" tomorrow at work, I have a lovely glass of sparkling rose (from Fresh & Easy, nommy stuff), and am considering some sort of dessert to go with it.

Things am good.
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