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YAY Lost!

LOST comes back tonight. Woot!

On yet another Groundhog Day, I ask my yearly question: Isn't the Vernal Equinox always about six weeks after February 2 (give or take a few days)? Six more weeks of winter? Can't prove it by Arizona -- mid-70's today, and all the non-native plants are in violent bloom (if I remember the camera, pictures tomorrow of lovely white-laden trees). The native plants wisely are keeping their blossoms hidden, knowing it will get cold again. In fact, it's supposed to do so tomorrow (or, at least, colder than it was today).

Well, outside, anyway. Within the arctic confines of my office, I was wearing a shirt, a pullover, and a heavy wool sweater most of the day.

We have decided to take a little Valentine's Day trip, just the two of us, on the Valentine's day weekend, instead of just going out for Sushi like we've done the last few years.

Oh, wow. I just came back to this. I apparently forgot to POST it last night when I finished writing it. (LOST, don't you know!)

I think I'm coming down with something. My throat hurts. Dammit.
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