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Reagan, Stalkers, and Other Thangs

My Stalker:

Wildrider's LJ stalker is harrietthaspy!
harrietthaspy is stalking you because they have you confused with someone else whom they love. They are also in jail for murder!

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Mr. Reagan:

I didn't agree with him as a president. I disliked a number of things he did in office, but then I admit I'm a card-carrying liberal. However, I was young enough when he took office the first time to have been still influenced by my parents' good opinion of him; and he did, for good or ill, influence me into actually paying attention to national politics by 1984. (I voted for Mondale in my very first presidential election, having turned 18 after 1980.) However, good or bad feelings aside, I'm sorry for his passing, and more for his family, having dealt with the last ten years. My great-aunt Grace suffered from Alzheimer's and dealing with that is nothing I'd wish on anyone. HOWEVER... I do wish those who are eulogizing him would stop making it sound as though he personally walked across the Atlantic and tore down the Berlin Wall with his bare hands, then in a burst of energy wiped out the Soviet Union single-handedly.

Other Thangs:

Today I received some books I got used from Amazon. They look brand-new and one large hardback was less than half what it cost new. I think I like the used section...

Also used eBay to get myself Seasons 1 and 2 of Babylon 5, and it cost less than one season alone -- so I've been enjoying myself watching these old eps and remembering how good it was. I think it made me miss Angel all the more, because I realized that over the years as I've lost one beloved TV show, another was there to take its place -- not so, this time. When B5 was cancelled, Angel was there to focus my insatiable need to obsess about something. Anyway, B5 ages well. But Jeffrey O'Hare is even worse than I remember...
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