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Craaaaaaaa-zy week

I had no plans to not post all week, but there it is. These things happen.

Our lead worker was supposed to be out for a surgery on Monday and Tuesday, leaving me in charge of the cube monkey zoo, but alas, that turned out to be only her high expectations (when you get a splinter, make sure you GET IT OUT -- if it lodges under a tendon and gets infected, it WILL cause you some major problems). She was out all week and I have been run ragged answering stupid questions and fixing random silliness. BUT, in the final run, I do have a nice raise and bonus coming the second paycheck in February (yay), depending on how much Uncle Sam leaves me; I managed to survive without going postal on anyone, and I did not catch what afflicted the half of the crew that didn't come in several days during the week. We worked two hours overtime on Monday to get there, but as a plus, we got all our work done somehow, despite it all. So yay again.

Still, I came over with the desire to write this open letter:

Dear Lawyers and Doctors offices who work with Insurance companies (especially large, multi-state Corporate Insurance companies): Your nice, neat, professionally and expensively bound documents are not going to EVER reach the claim rep you are dealing with. They are going to come to an overworked cube monkey in the mailroom/imaging department who will strip away all that expensive binding (often with many paper cuts and swearing and the need for the needle-nose pliers to get out the massive, industrial staples), take all your hard work apart, and break it down into component parts ready for scanning by a high speed scanner. The claim rep will never see the paper, so making it so bright and shiny is a waste of your time and it's definitely a waste of mine. Put the pages together with paper clips or binder clips. That's all you need. Honest. -- with love, Cube Monkey #2

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Thinkgeek? When items wanted are out of stock, you can ask them to send you an email when it comes back... and they WILL. Squee. If I had more money, I'd shop there every day.

I stopped at Brakemasters today to get my oil changed, and wonder of wonder -- they changed my oil and filters, didn't charge me for anything pointless or "find something wrong," and they got me out of there in about a half-hour. I didn't even finish reading the Entertainment Weekly. Awesome place.

I came home and did some laundry then started dinner, but sillymagpie turned out to be busy, so the biscuits and SOS was just for the wife and I. Yum. One of my favorite comfort foods -- even biscuits in a rolled up can. Yum, squared.

Speaking of food, today I discovered Islandic yogurt, which is even smoother and creamier and thicker than Greek yogurt, which Barb turned me onto a while back. I had pomegranate/passion fruit flavor, and it was tart and nommy. I got it at Sprouts, now I'll have to go back and try some of the other flavors (they're 2 for $3 this week).

Cairo now tips the scales at nearly 16 pounds. So begins the fight to feed the old, skinny cat while keeping the younger, hugely fat cat from stealing said food. Without making Mr. Sensitive feel like he's being persecuted.

The other day I was driving in a neighborhood near my bank and passed a house where the backyard was literally FULL of bunnies! They were cute as could be. I wished I had my camera with me.

There are some awesome links on typographer's Friday post.

sillymagpie just called and has been freed from work, so she may have some biscuits, after all.

Oh, to whomever of my local pals who got me the Rabbit brand wine bottle stoppers, they ROCK. Just sayin'.

I haven't done any real writing at all lately, but I have this idea to write a Dickens pastiche if I can come up with a good plot/idea for it. I'm fairly certain that with my verbosity I can discover ways to construct a sentence with far more words, and, of a necessity, more adverbs, than is strictly, that is to say, absolutely necessary, to convey the meaning I am attempting, rather pointedly, to get across.

To assist with this, I am reading Tale of Two Cities. I'm about twenty-five chapters in and I think the story just started. *g*
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