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Fairly uneventful day.

Saturday: Morning charity function had been canceled due to the chancy weather, so I slept in instead of getting up to go clean up a neighborhood church/park area, then mostly hung around the house, we went and looked at some furniture but didn't find anything that fit the space we have that we liked or was affordable, got some groceries, then came back home. Later we went to meet the gang at framefolly's place and proceeded to stuff our faces at the Pacific Seafood Buffet. Good thing we came early -- by the time we left the place, it was packed to the rafters with folks waiting all the way out the door (and it was COLD Saturday night in Phoenix! No scoffing, I really mean it was cold!).

Then we played with the Wii for a good while (which is amazingly fun stuff), had tea, and the usual good conversation. Fun night, extra fun Caturday!

Today: Nothing much. Caught up on some Craig Ferguson, then finally decided to watch the new AMC The Prisoner that I'd recorded. Not that great, not that horrible; I'm sort of ambivalent about it. James Caviezel is certainly no Patrick McGoohan on the best of days, but he's way too histrionic to be a convincing Six. The bright spot is undoubtedly Ian McKellen's Two, who is such a bright spot that he's the ONLY Two in the whole show, which really does make it different from the original. I was also able to skip over huge chunks (including the entire middle two episodes) without feeling like I've missed anything. It attempts the surreal ambiance of the original, but doesn't -- quite -- make -- it. (Oddly, the huge, good-special-effect attacking ball is not NEARLY as creepy or effective as I remember the old BBC-budget Rover being...)

I now have a burning desire to re-watch the original show, which I have not seen in its entirety since college.

I did like the boy (an addition), playing Two's "son" (uh... yeah) -- he's apparently going to be playing Grindelwald in The Deathly Hallows -- good choice. He was Anthony in the tim Burton Sweeney Todd.

ANYWAY, then I made roast beef and root veggies for dinner, had a cup or two of tea and some more of my spoon cake (an experiment with doctoring a cake mix, which came out tasty but VERY crumbly -- not sure if it was the yogurt or the peanut butter that caused the reaction; sadly, I am not Alton Brown and cannot explain the chemistry).

And then a meme, snicked from shipperx:

Your result for The Improved Book Character-Savvy Test...

Very Gooooooooooood!

You scored 86% Best Seller, 81% Classic and 67% Fantasy/Sci-Fi!

You do rock, my friend. I'm impressed. I salute you.

Your rank: Mythical creature

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I've had some luck lately with the new dragons. I seem to have missed most of the previous ones, but, well. So it goes.
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