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Other people are stupid and that makes me sad

Funny, these days, you can’t even inquire about a sick coworker who is out on extended medical leave because of privacy concerns, yet It’s okay to let random strangers at the TSA rifle through your belongings.

Speaking of handing over one’s civil rights, a coworker of mine thinks it’s perfectly okay to racially profile people, and claims it would not bother her in the slightest if they started pulling her over on a vague suspicion (as Sheriff Joe routinely does to people of Mexican descent), because it “keeps her safe.” She claimed they would thank them for being vigilant. This concerns me, since it seems to me that’s exactly what this country was founded to prevent, and it’s just another step to arresting without charge and holding without trial. Hmmm. How happy would she be if she were hauled off to jail for just going out for a drive? (She actually used the line, "If I didn't do anything and wasn't breaking the law, I wouldn't have anything to worry about." Hmmm.)

Fie on the Democrats for losing Massachusetts. Been reading a lot of articles about the election and how Coakley botched it; one line in particular made me shake my head: "And she did what no Kennedy had ever done — she took the voter for granted." (From Timothy Egan's Opinionator post today.)

In other non-political things...

Better Off Ted is hilarious. Watch it so ABC doesn't cancel it.

My Tivo remote will occasionally, without rhyme or reason, change the channel on the old non-HD television when I use a Tivo function (fast forward, etc.). *is weirded out*

It has rained all day. Actually, since sometime last night, since it was raining at 4:30 when I got up and decided not to go to the gym today. The carpet by our fire exit at work was soaked; they had to come and pull up the carpet and put down padding to keep the water out, since apparently it wasn't just the wind blowing it under the door (as we thought), but it was actually coming in all around the door. I naturally can't find my brand-new umbrella, which I THOUGHT I put in my bag, but is not there. (Umbrellas being used so rarely here.)
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