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I am a whiney bitch

I haven't posted since Friday since I felt all unloved when hardly anyone posted on my self-pitying whining from same. Feel free to bitch-slap me.

My arm feels quite a bit better. I was 163 pounds this morning, even after eating like a big ol' sweet-eating piglet on Sunday. Go fig.

It's raining in Phoenix. Whoo hoo. It's supposed to rain all week, which would be awesome. We shall see.

Saturday night I cooked the first thing I've ever attempted out of Julia Child's cookbook, Poulet au Porto, roast chicken with port, cream, and mushrooms. It came out very well and I was VERY pleased with myself. Then tonight I made Thai hot soup, with mixed seafood rather than just shrimp and squid. Also came out well, despite the fact that I had no fresh lemon grass or garlic. She can follow recipes.

The Dr. Who book I'm reading currently ("The Slitheen Excursion") is one of the better ones -- sharp writing, good characters, nice little time travel story... but man, it stands as one of the best examples of "PLEASE go back to human editors!" I've seen in a while. All manner of little things which are spelled right, but are wrong -- you're/your, there/their, tale/tail (and believe me, when the merman alien moves toward you on his TALE, it stands out), etc. I guess not even the BBC can afford anything but a spell checker these days. It's not like these books are tough reads.

I realized this weekend I AM reading fanfic. Go forth, Dr. Who fans, and read all of the Doctor stories here; I haven't read his Roman stories, but since it's been a few weeks since he last updated, I might have to, because I LOVE his comic. Read, enjoy, support!
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