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A couple of ordinary days and pictures

So on Sunday my new Simcity game started behaving very buggy and erroring out all the time. I trolled around on the Interwebs and found a couple of patches and downloaded, and now all works well. Interesting and strange. One of the updates, though, now shows me which buildings are "eyesores" which lower the property value, etc., of buildings around. So whatever you do, don't put a GRAVEYARD next to, say, a church or a ruined castle. *eyeroll*

Then Sunday night CHUCK was back! Whee!!!! I am very happy and pleased and all those good things. This show just makes me happy. No spoilers, the premiere rocked, and the followed two episodes were likewise awesome. I hope the foundering NBC doesn't drop the hatchet now.

Yesterday I burned the heck out of the inside of my mouth (tongue and upper palate) on my dinner because I am a moron, so today I only had one cup of tea with my breakfast muffin, and while I would like a nice cuppa now, my mouth prefers soda. Ouchie.

Barb is running late tonight. Dinner is ready but I shall wait. I made rice and a lamb curry with the last of the leftover lamb roast.
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