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A new day is always, well, new

So, I responded to the data recovery people with a regretful "decline" and explained I couldn't afford it. I got a call from them and they are very good folks and willing to work with me; they won't start the work until March (when my raise and my bonus come through), and I can set up an easy payment plan, from two to six months (the six months one means an extra 10%, if I go that route), and that I think I can work with. So yay. Hooray for good customer service! I think the main things I want to retrieve, and I hope are retrieved, are just various songs that I downloaded ages ago from the old WinMX (which never worked on later versions of Windows, once Windows 3.0 went by the wayside), songs that you just can't find anywhere. Well, I suppose I COULD, if I worked at it, BUT...

It does mean I can't load my iPod for a while, but I have something like 6000 songs or more on it now (I do love the iPod Classic; I'm not even using half of its capability, and that includes all of Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog, as well), so I think I can handle it by moving around on playlists for a couple of months. Of course, some of that 6000 is my Christmas playlist, but, well. So I won't use the shuffle setting at all.

I realized this week I'm glad that framefolly has introduced me to Veronica Mars, simply because I started reading a new Dr. Who book, Judgement of the Judoon, and the young gal who's helping Doc Ten in this book is a 17-year-old blonde girl named Nikki Jupiter, who helps her ex-cop dad in his private investigations at their Jupiter Detective Agency. Hee.

I accidentally put classic Star Trek season 3 on my Netflix list instead of Deep Space Nine season 3, so now I'm watching some of the worst episodes in Star Trek history, which are on Disc 1 -- Spock's Brain, Paradise Syndrome, and And The Children Shall Lead. It does have the bright spot of Enterprise Incident, at least.

I still have the headache I woke up with. At least I slept last night -- Nyquil does that when you're not actually sick, apparently. I think it's sinus related, though.

I have to go hang up clothes.
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