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RIP Brain

I has been tagged:

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it." (Ah, MAN......)

1) I am a major procrastinator. If there is something that can be done, it can be done tomorrow (or, more often, never).
2) I like freaking EVERYTHING. This is why I have never settled down to do anything worthwhile with my life, because I have too many interests (I changed my major three times in college). If I pick up a new hobby (interest, fandom, whatever), I'll throw everything I have into it and my attachment to it will often last forever, giving me a tough time trying to find time to do anything at all.
3) It takes me several tries to start a good habit, and I can stop doing it without even thinking about it, even if I have done the same thing consistently for years.
4) I am terrified of people disliking me; I'm not sure if this is caused by my foot-in-mouth disease or is the cause of, but I'm sure it's why I fear the telephone, and I'm pretty sure that, combined with #1, is why I'm still not published.
5) Like she who tagged me, evil_little_dog, I talk with (and occasionally argue with) my characters. They also live their lives out in my head, pleasantly ignoring anything I might be trying to write and making me write what they want to do. (Which is why there are things going on in my head right now which take place some 17 years after the events of the unpublished Ring of Fire.)
6) I can, quite literally, go weeks without washing my hair. And no one notices. Seriously. Occasionally when it gets to where it annoys me, and I complain, I get disbelieving looks from friends and wife.
7) I'm very easily distracted. Between this answer and the previous one, I made tea, refilled the hummingbird feeder, started the dishwasher, read some blog posts on AfterElton, updated Twitter, and started watching last night's Ugly Betty before remembering what I had been doing...

And now for the tagging... (See #4 -- very tempting to tag people I know don't come around anymore, hee hee) sillymagpie, tiirz, emerybored, framefolly, green_maia, ljs, margdean56. Do or do not do, as you see fit!

I was reminded that Ugly Betty was on last night while I was reading through the AfterElton blogs, where I learned that the move to Wednesday night was apparently disastrous for the show, since the ratings plunged. I will be sad if this means they'll cancel it. It does have some problems but I do like the characters. It's also, honestly, one of the most diverse shows on television.

I wore my brown pinstriped Doctor Ten suit to work today. With the black Converse hightops. I'm such a geek.

Brain not work no more. Please, God, let me sleep through the night tonight.
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