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I have spent the last two evenings being dominated by one of my Christmas presents, Simcity Societies, which has sucked up my mind and computer time. It also uses battery power like nothing else! But fun!

I became curious this morning how one tells when one's LJ-versary is, as I see several of my Flist celebrating, and I have no clue when I started, myself. I know it's been a good long while now.

I have made no firm resolutions for this year, but a vague "I think I'll attempt to get someone to publish my book" again (although I'm feeling mighty discouraged about what's left of its bleeding corpse after so many reads, edits, and changes), and a sincere "I'm going to save some money this year." But I think I mentioned that in a previous post. But I worked it out in my head that if I manage to save, and nothing untoward happens, I should be able to buy my new flatscreen TV, cash, in March. I can hang on until then.

I got back into the gym yesterday. Now I'm up and ready to go this morning, although for some reason I'm now starting to drag some.

I still haven't upgraded to Windows 7 nor installed the nifty negative/slide scanner that Barb got me for Christmas. (Of course, both are Projects which take away from my very important goofing off time.)

I haven't written diddly squat since NaNo ended. I may skip it this year and focus on re-editing the last two I completed, since I really have some amount of faith in "The Long Way Home" (2008) and I think with some work I could make something of "Magic Within" (2009). We'll see. I also noted that while there are a few more piddly chapters of "Vampire and Me" that go on and on and on, where I stopped here is actually a good stopping point, so I may call that "the end." The whole thing was a writing exercise, anyway; and the next parts would be major spoilers for "Ring of Fire" if anyone cared.
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