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Worst. Night. Ever.

I warned you.

My period was late this month, as I've mentioned, giving me a month-long session of up-and-down PMS which culminated in a late, fairly heavy but typical period which more or less ended yesterday. Last night I went to bed early, hoping to get back to routine and the gym this morning. I dozed fitfully on and off until Barb came to bed, then actually went to sleep. I woke up first about two hours later needing to go to the bathroom. I did this. And when I got back to bed it was TOO. HOT. TO. SLEEP. Hot. Hot, SO SO HOT. Bear in mind the overnight temperatures are in the 30's and I'd turned off the heat before going to bed (thinking of our Christmas tree). But Barb has about ninety blankets and comforters on the bed, so I just shoved some of them off. Then more of them, especially the big one. Still SO HOT -- only my skin is cold. It's just my core that's broiling. Now the cat that's been sleeping peacefully on my feet gets up and starts walking around. I put him out and close the door. Get up to pee again. Cold out of bed, broiling hot in bed. Shoulders freezing -- if I put my arms under the covers, too hot. Cat wants back in. Ignore him. Get up again to pee. Close one cat out, another comes in. Decide against going to the gym and change the alarm to the later one. Listen to Barb peacefully sleeping beside me. Finally think it's cool enough to pull the cover back on. Nice for a few moments. Other cat comes to lay on my hip. Start to get hot. Doze. Alarm goes off.

It's not fair to have both my period AND hot flashes, damn it.

Happy Monday morning. At least I'm off Thursday. Maybe I can sleep tonight.

Oh, and both my Credit Union AND Costco have been entirely unhelpful in giving me my money back. *steam* Costco actually gave me a runaround and promised someone would call yesterday, only they didn't (and they asked "do you have proof it charged twice?" -- silly me, I thought they kept records or something crazy like that!). I expected better from them. My credit union claimed they couldn't honor the dispute because "both charges were PIN-based." Well, DUH -- if one of them was, I would imagine the "ghost" charge would do the same!!! I checked carefully, and IF that second charge had not processed, everything outstanding that followed would have cleared. They at least credited me back ONE of the "insufficient charge" fines, but there's another one there now, and I'm having a hard time banging my head against the wall. I'm not sure where to go from here, but provided I can get out of work early enough (which, considering the holiday mail, I'm not really expecting), I might actually go to my bank with this printout in hand and beg for realization. Maybe have them call Costco and wrangle it out between them. Costco claims the bank has to handle it. The bank claims the vendor has to reverse the charge. In the meantime, the customer gets to hold the bag (and no money).

I did warn people not to read this...

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!

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