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Pretty paper, pretty ribbons of blue

I took the last of my personal time today (to runs out on December 31, and we get shiny new hours on January 1), and spent it trying to get the house cleaned up, the last of my presents wrapped, and a few other things done; however, peanut butter fudge is KICKING MY ASS.

The first batch I did seized up instantly in the pan and in attempting to save it, I managed to get it soft enough to pour but it never then solidified. Okay, it tastes good, I'm going to use it to make filled cookies. So I try again. This time it won't set =at all=; I even tried to re-cook it (per the good ol' Better Homes cookbook), but I now have a pan of slightly burned sweet peanut butter soup. Must. Succeed. Cannot. Accept. Cooking. Failure.

I found myself actually perplexed by a piece of new televisional technology, as I stared in confusion at the "quick start" guide for the DVD-R. I'm not sure if I can connect it through the existing VCR/DVD combo machine, and I'm hesitant to get rid of the old machine completely because I still do have a number of VCRs. (However, if I can figure this out, I could theoretically transfer all those VCRs TO DVD...) Usually I have stuff like this plugged in and running within seconds, but at the moment all my electronics are precariously perched on ill-fitting shelves I added to our old entertainment center, and the old tiny television has NO connections for anything except an incoming co-ax cable.

I didn't finish steaming the floor (dining room and kitchen); I didn't get the last box of books carried out to the shed, but I did get the ribbons and wrapping accessories put into a good new box and started a new Goodwill box. So on the whole, much accomplished, some not, and sadly, I DO have to work tomorrow.

Speaking of fudge, I have often mused... how does one add chocolate chunks and marshmallows and such things to fudge without them melting? (Say, to make Rocky Road fudge.)

I will try again as soon as I can afford to buy moar ingredients.



Dec. 24th, 2009 03:20 am (UTC)
I make the world's best chocolate fudge (well, some people like it, anyway! *g*) -- but for some reason, despite being almost an identical recipe, the peanut butter...!
Dec. 24th, 2009 03:38 am (UTC)
oh dear

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