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It's Christmas time in the city

"I don't know, Linus. Christmas is coming, but I'm not happy."

I'm feeling whiney because I can't seem to get things this year, many for other people and a few for myself. I have wanted this for years, and I saw that it had finally dropped to a nice clearance price, and I thought I might get it for myself as the gift from my Uncle Bob and Aunt Carole, who send me money every year. But when I went to order, I noticed WHY it was on clearance -- only sizes 11 and 12 left. That would be too big for my thumb. *sigh* I thought I might get it anyway, just 'cause of the shape it MIGHT be easy to size down a little, but...

We went to Costco to get mostly necessary items (including stuff for holiday baking this weekend and Christmas dinner), and spend WAY more than I expected, so now I'm wondering if I should spend any money on me (frivolous) anyway, since I'll need to have money for the next two weeks.

*sigh* again.

So I'm feeling Charlie Brown-ish. I'll get over it.

I made cornbread tonight (Alton Brown's creamed corn recipe, with white corn meal instead of yellow). It was really good.
Tags: christmas, food, great gift idea, random stuff
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