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Deck the bunkhouse walls

The one and ONLY "as seen on TV" item I ever purchased which really, really worked as advertised was the Thunderstick Pro mixer. I love it. I use it a lot. I recently broke the chopper attachment and went looking to see if it could be replaced only to find that they no longer make the stick blender/mixer (chopper!), and have replaced it with this. I'm not sure who exactly thinks that's a replacement for an immersion blender which also serves as a chopper/mini food processor, and I'm irritated.

I also need a nutmeg grinder (not for grinding nutmeg3); I have a teeny, tiny, itty, bitty hand-grater for nutmegs and it's nice, but it's pretty well impossible to grind any of the tiny little nubs which I have left of several nutmegs. I suppose I could use a good pepper grinder, but I have been trolling kitchen stores and kitchen sections of department stores and finding no pepper (or salt, for that matter) grinders I like. I should have gotten the pretty one that was on sale at Williams Sonoma several months back, but I didn't, and I've regretted it ever since.

Today cookie exchange (I made butter cookies and snickerdoodles), peanut brittle, and leftovers from the party yesterday. I may already be nearing the critical overload stage, and there's still two weeks left of the holiday season! *grin*

ETA: I also need this. Mom has one and it's pretty awesome.
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