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A "Duh" Moment

This morning I went to work via Van Buren, which I rarely do, and drove past one of the oldest and most venerable BARBEQUE restaurants in the Valley. Why I forgot Bill Johnson's original was there is beyond me, but there it is. So there will be barbeque, and soon.

Tonight, however, was turkey salad.

I'm back to counting calories, but somehow no matter how careful I am, I end up with far more than I should by evening (of course, over the weekend I managed to top 2000 on Saturday AND Sunday because of the holiday -- I'm a nibbler, what can I say?). I must be more careful. Of course, that is often difficult considering how much I like to cook.

I see a Convention Mem going around out there. I realized today I haven't been to a real convention since 1996 (LA Con III). I think I went to GenCon (when working for RSI) in '97, and a few other small gaming conventions, but I left RSI in '98, so it's been at least that long since I've been to any kind of convention at all.

So, frankly, tagging along with Barb to WriterCon will be welcome, indeed, and not just because Sean Patrick loves Las Vegas.
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