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Tidings of comfort and joy

For the first time EVER, I got something I actually liked and wanted in the office gift exchange, and no one took it from me! (It's one of those silly s'more kits -- something I'd never buy myself, but think is cute and nifty.) One year I opened the Chia herb garden, but it was taken from me and I ended up with a candle. I ended up with candles a lot. Or popcorn. But this time, it's chocolate and marshmallows, and even if the mugs are goofy snowmen that Barb will NOT want to keep, I will eat the rest of it.

Snatched from everyone else:

Brightly shone the moon that night,
Though the Wildrider was cruel.

Good King Wenceslas
from the Christmas Song Generator.

Get your own song :

The first thing was "dreaming of a white Wildrider," so I did it again... I thought it sounded sort of Nazi-ish... *grin*

I am making cookies for the big Cookie Exchange at work tomorrow -- only seven people signed up, though, so it won't be the slew of cookies it was last year. I think I got that butter cookie recipe down this time (at least, they formed cookies properly) -- the book, despite the title "The Cookie and Biscuit Bible," appears to be largely British, and I have to make sure I'm getting the correct measurements (as they appear in grams, weight, AND standard cups).

This morning I couldn't get my computer to read my external drive at all, and I fought with it until I had to race off to work; I came up, turned on, and it worked fine. It does worry me, though; may be time to get a new external drive (one that hasn't been dropped real hard on the floor). If I lost the stuff on that drive I really would cry. A lot. (The joys of today's speedy technology. At least the Terabyte drive is cheaper and smaller than this one was/is.)

I got Mom's package off in the mail today, realizing that if I waited until Friday to get our pictures to include one with it, there would be no way it could get to her by Christmas unless I overnighted it FedEx, so I figure I can send the picture later. For friends, being late is standard, but Mom should have her stuff by Christmas day.

I cannot remember which of the shows I watch which shocked me a few weeks ago when they killed off a major character.

Another thing has gone out of stock, however, since it will be back early in January, I'm still going to get it because it's inexpensive, and I can give some things late, I think. It is a MUST HAVE. Seriously.

I still need to get sillymagpie's main gift, but that should about do it. Then I just need to mail stuff for out-of-state folks, and we're done! I got many things wrapped and under the tree last night (pictures of said tree appear in rahirah's journal).

Other things I need to do: Watch Waters of Mars, upgrade to Windows 7, figure out if I can install Photoshop on this computer, find the rest of my Christmas icons (thanks to seasonal_icons), try and install my Ion music converter program (and also my Roxio music converter that didn't work on the old computer), finish up a couple of crocheted gifts, do the rest of the baking, make the Christmas dinner shopping list (probably another turkey, since the last one was so good), and I'll remember the rest later, I'm sure.
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