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One very good side effect of being sick over the holidays: I actually LOST WEIGHT over Thanksgiving. I am *this close* to officially having lost 100 pounds. I doubt I'll be able to keep it up as both my appetite and my tastebuds have returned and the house is full of nommy holiday items, but if I can at least maintain things until January, maybe I can get those last few pounds gone at long last.

I saw another raven today.

I spent some money today. I bought what I thought were sweater dresses (at Last Chance, so I didn't try them on), but they appear to just be tunic-length sweaters. Pretty, though, so I'm not unhappy with them, they just will need leggings to wear (or pants). I did not finish the laundry. I got some of the Christmas decorations up. My cat is certain I'm starving him to death. I finished my writer's critiques.

Trader Joe's is NOT carrying the sublime chocolate-covered graham crackers this year. *sob*

Finished reading American on Purpose. I now understand (at least a little) why Craig has such a grudge against cats...

I'm actually hoping there will continue to be overtime this week; it makes me tired but the extra money comes in very handy this time of year.

There is a BLIZZARD warning for north and central Arizona tonight. I'm somewhat skeptical of the promised rain in the Valley, though, since they always say that and I haven't seen rain in months. Of course, I did wash the car windows today, and there are clothes out on the line still (it takes longer to dry when it's this cold), so maybe it will rain.

I am happy that my two favorite shows this last season not only weren't canceled, they aren't even on the bubble. That never happens to me! Of course, they are finished for the winter season, and Flashforward won't be back until March, but at least it will be back, and I won't wonder forever what happens (like in The Nine).

Everyone's getting/giving snowflake cookies and I don't know where to get them...

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!

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