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The winter days are flying by

I went from posting like every second to not posting at all. Oops.

Things that have pleased me lately:

Yesterday at work when I went out on the grounds (and discovered it was FREEZING, I tell you, FREEZING), amidst the ordinary city pigeons clustered on the grass there was one that was pure white. It was pretty. (It's cold in Phoenix. The high today was barely 60. Seriously.)

Today I made a wrong turn on our way to Trader Joe's and got to see a beautiful big raven landing in a pine tree.

I have found a goodly number of stocking stuffers. Now I need to get the stockings out and put them up.

Today was the annual Chicano por las Causas holiday party, which I have been the coordinator for our company's volunteer work the last two years, and it went very well. I handed out hot dogs to the underprivileged kids of South Phoenix for four hours. The rental place was on time both arriving and leaving. I forgot my camera but other cameras were remembered.

My cold/infection is about gone. I finally went to the doctor, who was out of the office so I spoke to one of the nurse practitioners and she put me on Nasonex and antibiotics. On the other hand, I seem to have given it to Barb (bad me).

There has been some overtime this week, which I need because we're so poor.

For anyone who is wondering what to get me for Christmas...

I actually made a list of things I still need to get for people. Many things have already arrived, but a few are still in transit. I just ordered some DVDs for my mom (she asked for these) and I have to get her a gift card from Macy's not just for Christmas, but to thank her for a wonderful time in November. I should also get something for her friend, who was mucho good to me while I was there. (Mom called the other day all apologetic. She found my birth certificate. She'd looked in the wrong file.)

I have some crochet projects to finish and I need to think of something good for my friend Shelley.

For anyone who wants to see the pictures from Kennedy Space Center, check out my Photos (album "Trip to Florida") here. (It's easier to load a lot of pictures on My Space than it is here.)

I have to thank evil_little_dog for introducing me to the group Straight No Chaser, a very awesome acoustic group whose Christmas album I have now downloaded.

I can't seem to catch any of the new dragons.

I did finally get a cheese dragon, though: Adopt one today!

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!

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