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I managed it. 50,102 words.


I can't even let my brain rest, since I have to actually try and focus on my writer's critiques, which I am very behind on. Still coughing. *hack, hack*

Throat's hurting a little this afternoon. Tired, draggy, made it through a busy day at work. Two of our morning people will be on vacation for the next two weeks. Whee.

I had remembered, vaguely, I thought to wax a little poetic about sights I saw outside of the airplane window while flying back home, such as the horrible brown spots all over Florida (they aren't kidding about the drought there -- when you're on the ground, it doesn't look nearly as bad as it does in the air), or the way I thought San Antonio was all these empty blank spots before I noticed little sparkles in the dark squares and realized I was seeing populated neighborhoods -- almost completely hidden by TREES. I need to actually SEE San Antonio before I write about it again, methinks.

According to the scale this morning, I actually LOST WEIGHT over the Thanksgiving weekend. There is something to be said for being sick, I guess.
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