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Memorial Day

Or it will be, shortly.

I came all over with the desire for nice grilled meats and since Barb has to work tomorrow, we did it yesterday. Bypassing all the usual grilling fare of hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks and chicken, I thawed the turkey which has been waiting in deep freeze since November and soaked it in brine for a day and then out on the Webber it went. It roasted over coals for approximately three, maybe four hours and it was perfect -- juicy and everything. I poured off the juice into the gravy I'd made earlier, heated up some leftover rice and broccoli, roasted some corn, and we made a feast of it.

I watched the dedication of the WWII Memorial on CNN, glad it's finally here while there are still some veterans of that war to take some pride and pleasure from it. Of course, I'm not sure whether or not I'd have liked to see Dad survive to see these days. The memorial, yes -- a lot of other things going on, not so much.

There is a conspiracy in the greater Phoenix area to remove any and all traces of barbeque. Locally all the little barbeque places (both Texas and Chicago styles) closed and were replaced with Chinese buffets. More widely, both Tony Roma's in town went away and are now a Mexican and a Greek restaurant, respectively. It's like Phoenix really, really doesn't want to be a Western town at all.

I need to go back to Tombstone. Or someplace where they still barbeque.

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