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49,684 words. I have to blather out another 400 words by tomorrow night just to win NaNo, and then I can put this baby away for a while to simmer. I think there's the bare bones of a good story here, but because my brain hasn't been working the last week, a lot of it is really, really, REALLY bad. There is a lot of telling rather than showing and a lot of gloss. I'll have to let it sit for a good long while to see if it comes into anything (like there's any reason, since no one wants to buy my work anyway).

I have spent today mostly sitting here watching the ID (Investigate Discovery) channel, which I discovered while staying with my mom and have now adopted as yet another way to waste my time. I rarely explored the digital channels I was paying for other than the ones I knew I wanted (TCM, BBCA, etc.), never occurred to me there was a True Crime All The Time channel.

I think I'm recovering. I'm fairly certain I had something worse than a cold, because it occurred to me today that I've had it for more than a week already (gad, has it been a WEEK since I came home??!?), but of course now by the time I talk to a doctor I'll be completely recovered so naturally I don't see the point of making an appointment. (Unless, of course, it doesn't continue to improve.) Between the shortness of breath and the sore throat, it was probably strep or bronchitis or maybe a weak strand of both, but hey, I'm on the downslope now. (Whee.) In any case, it was a sucky way to spend the Thanksgiving weekend. And every time I cough I scare Cairo (world's most nervous cat).

Turtles! (This is the view outside my Mom's living room window.)

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