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Brain. Not. Working.

I have about five thousand words left to write.

Story abruptly stopped working, along with my brain. Two days left of NaNo and I can't come up with enough pointless drivel to finish. I have been piddling for two days. Am still sick. Do not want.

I have watched two weeks' worth of V, Glee, Ugly Betty, Criminal Minds, and a bunch of other stuff, and have mostly caught up now, but I have about ten or so Craig Fergusons here and some other shows; I'm saving Castle for when sillymagpie is here, and I haven't started watching the new The Prisoner yet. And I still need to watch Waters of Mars.

One good thing: I haven't gained any weight.

Man, when my brain stops working, it REALLY stops working. I'm full of phlegm. Two days left in November.

Tags: brain is dying, nano
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