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I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

I got the pecan pie done on Wednesday night, then considered the amount of pumpkin we had; the sugar pumpkin was rather small. However, neither Trader Joe's nor Fry's had any pumpkins AT ALL left, so we bought a sweet potato instead...

I then fell into bed for the worst night of the cold yet, as it slammed into my head with a vengeance and Nyquil wasn't cutting it. Gasping and wheezing, I finally got a little rest, and managed to toss and turn my way through the night. (My poor wife!) Got up Thursday, cobbled together the cooked pumpkin and sweet potato to make the pie, finally got this VERY deep dish pie cooked through, and the turkey was in. I collapsed in front of the television to see Santa arrive at the parade finale and started watching the dog show. I saw the German Shepherd win the Best of Breed in the Herding Group, then the start of the terrier group, and when I woke up they were showing that holiday classic, Eddie Murphy's "Dr. Dolittle." (?) I'd slept for almost two hours. The turkey was about done and the yams needed to get in the oven. Amidst much bustle and haste we got the dinner ready and on the table, Barb got her mother, and all was definitely delicious.

Being sick, I completely forgot about mashed potatoes and making the rolls, but we had plenty as it was, so it was okay.

Now this morning my cough has settled into my chest and I sound like a frog, but I feel somewhat better.

Hope all had a lovely day!
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