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Well, I asked for it (sort of)

It's a full-blown cold. DAMMIT. I felt it come on overnight as the little annoyance crept from my chest into my head, and I sit here poking at the computer and weighing the pros and cons of calling in sick. Pro: get some rest. Con: Viewed by suspicion in an already strained unit, calling in the day before a four-day weekend. Pro: Maybe improve by Thanksgiving so can enjoy self. Con: Still-full-from-vacation work queue haven't cleaned out yet with another day of work added coming back the Monday after Thanksgiving (that's my most compelling con, really). Pro: Don't have to get dressed and drive in. Con: Oh, GOD I have a lot of work on my desk!

I know it's just a cold and I also know that since I've been hauling minor symptoms around for a week now I'm hardly likely to be contagious anymore.

I need to replace the filter on the refrigerator water line. The light has gone completely red because I've been putting it off in hopes I could find someplace where they sell it so I didn't have to order it (that and I was totally broke up until November 20). But it means I now view the water with some suspicion because of that red light (which makes me wonder about myself, since our water is actually fine right out of the tap, and I do drink it that way).

The main thing is ice cubes, which are in great need for this afternoon I must get the turkey in the brine. Since we don't have enough space in the fridge, I'm thawing Mr. Tom in the sink full of ice. I'm pushing the automatic ice maker to the limit (plus a bag from the grocery store, which I'll also use to keep the brine cold overnight tonight).

I also want to make at least one pie, preferably pecan, which I haven't done in a while.

But I feel crappy.

Well, Nyquil taken, and I'll actually try work. I can't bear the thought of leaving that queue still full (they were apparently SWAMPED the entire week I was gone and no one could take care of any of my work, sigh). (Oh, and it's also that lovely time of the month. Blah.)

I don't want a cold on Thanksgiving! WAH!

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