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Mountainsides put arms around the unsuspecting city

This morning we said goodbye to Cuervo. In the last few days he took a serious turn for the worse and last night he was just barely able to walk, hardly able to eat, and just so draggy and sick we made the hard choice. *is sad*

It colored my day, and all little annoyances turned into big ones, and I had to take a time out for myself and go cry in the bathroom.

This morning they were talking to us about how FMLA (medical leave) works, and while the nurse was there, a brief mention was made of whether or not same-sex partners were covered; she "thought they were." Then we get a "clarification email" which contained this line:

“Immediate family members” (for Category A absences) include the employee's:

· Spouse - a husband or wife as defined or recognized under State law for purposes of marriage in the State where the employee resides, including common law marriage in States where it is recognized

Sounds like, for all my company's touting "diversity and inclusion," when it comes to brass tacks it's all bullshit. This also made me very unhappy.

Word Count: 12,115

I liked the first episode of V. Still loving FlashForward. (Ooo! Ooo!!! OOOOOO!!!!) Am filled with a certain amount of satisfaction that, apparently, the only team who can prevent the Yankees from taking the World Series are the Arizona Diamondbacks (at least, our 2001 team could).

Tomorrow is Friday. Saturday I walk the Cancer Walk with Barb and then I'm getting my hair cut because I want it to look nice for the cruise. Only one week away, and I have lost no more weight. At least I think I look pretty good, anyway; and I have a whole week!
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