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Feel crappy now

Didn't sleep well last night. Kept waking up. Then when I decided to skip the gym and sleep, some moron across the street decided that 5 in the morning was a good time to move heavy furniture, and parked a very loud truck right outside our window and spent half an hour with the engine running, chains clanking, and the ramp making noise. GAH. I hope they were moving OUT, because that is not a way to endear oneself to one's new neighbors.

I have to go to yoga tonight and I'm decidedly not in the right frame of mind. I've felt seriously freezing all day and while, yes, the weather has suddenly turned cold and everyone else in the office was complaining about it being freaking cold, this doesn't feel RIGHT. And now my throat is hurting, too. Will not be sick. Will not.

We will find out about Cuervo's blood test results on Thursday. Fingers crossed. Apparently he demonstrated his pooping and barfing skills to the vet, but the entire staff just LURVES him because he's such a darling.

Hopefully the crapiness is just lack of sleep and if I can get some rest tonight, I will feel better tomorrow. Blah.
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