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A good vet is worth her weight in gold

Cuervo (points to icon) had his checkup today. I took him in fully expecting to say goodbye to him -- he is down to five pounds and is basically a walking, eating, pooping skeleton... but the vet wants to run some tests and see if there is anything we can do that won't break the bank, so she's keeping him tonight (fasting) and tomorrow he gets a full run of blood work and a poop scan, especially since she said he was still bright-eyed and not lethargic at all (despite the watery eyes and sneezing, which, considering Phoenix air, isn't that unusual), and he's eating and drinking well, SO... there may actually be hope. Plus, he was being his usual adorable self, rubbing his head and nose and self against the vet and the tech, so... he's spending the night there so he can fast for the blood work (and fasting here, with the other two bottomless food machines, would not be easy).

I did seem to regain a pound over the weekend, but overall prognosis is good. I was in the gym first thing this morning and had a good workout, but I was feeling snacky/deserty this evening so had some chocolate. Sometimes you just gotta have a little chocolate. Otherwise, not bad. Had some leftover chicken with rice & gravy and a salad, much the same as we had on Caturday with the gang -- I make a danged good roast chicken, I do.
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