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Aieeee! Monday!

Okay, first I didn't get to bed early enough because I slept late yesterday, but I still woke up all right in time to get to the gym (and discover that spreading newspapers around the cat boxes seems to help with the "accidents." And I far prefer picking it up and throwing it away than continually scrubbing the grout).

Got in a good workout. Got to work on time. Got most things done, but seemed to behind all the way until the end of the day -- and left a lot of stuff undone. Feeling unaccomplished.

Am actually liking New Supervisor. Maybe folks were right when they said she's changed. *knock wood*

Stopped to change my card at Massage Envy and found out they already tried to run my membership. Oops. Got that fixed.

Jonathan re-booted himself overnight and closed all my programs, then wouldn't come up. I had to pop his battery out so got the "Windows didn't close properly! Doom! DOOM!" message; but he's working fine now (talk about panic, I've only made ONE payment!)

When all things listed out, it seems better than it feels. For some reason I feel just slightly off -- not QUITE grumpy and out-of-sorts, but just not right... (And these CATS won't leave me be!)

The Cricket Wireless store just down the block was apparently robbed last night. Yeek. (And is also apparently merely the latest in a long string of cell phone store robberies, which are getting increasingly violent and daring.)

Damn, and another shooting a mile or so west of that, where the freeway exit is. Gad.

It was 100 degrees again today.

Tomorrow I get to go back and get an ultrasound, because apparently the mammogram wasn't as clean as they told me it was when I was there waiting for an ultrasound when I WAS THERE that they told me I didn't need.

I can't access our wireless printer from this computer for some reason.
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