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Undermining the Morals of Society

A year ago today marriage for same-sex couples was legal in California, and on a bright, clear, beautiful October morning, I said "I Do" in front of a justice in the old Orange County Courthouse to my partner of 20+ years. Less than a month later this right was changed for others who hadn't jumped to the altar as we did; new lawsuits are being brought against Prop 8, and someday all the laws may change and, perhaps, "equality" will mean something. In the meantime, I have a marriage license from the State of California.

And now, I also have a stomach full of really nommy sushi, a killer Mai Tai, and am waiting until I have a little space to have some of the pumpkin bread pudding we got today at CostCo. Mmmmmmm.

I finally got around to looking at my flist manager, and noticed several folks have friended me lately -- thanks, and welcome! I have friended you back.

We're making some progress on making the office into a real room. Also cleaned the living room. Did some little shopping, got some stuff at Costco, a new tablecloth at Tuesday Morning, and made a quick trip to Trader Joe's. And yes, a cozy romantic evening for me and my lovely wife is lazing around on the sofa in our jammies with our computers. (Well, it HAS been 20+ years.)

We broke down and turned the air conditioner back on. It's been 100 degrees the last two days. While it's snowing in other places. Yeeg.

A goodly part of the day has been spent also cleaning up after a sad, sick, incontinent cat. Poor Cuervo. Poor us. Then the toilet backed up, too. But on the whole, a pretty good day.

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!

Pumpkin bread pudding + homemade hard sauce = YUM.

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