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Black cats torment me

When I bought Halloween candy to put on my desk, I deliberately bought Hershey's miniatures, knowing they would be liked and they'd provide little temptation to me, because I've noted over the last few years that the quality of Hershey's chocolate has been, well, declining. Anyway, they smell good -- and today when I thought "I'll have one," I found that the Special Dark was rather on par with eating chocolate-flavored plastic, so I know I'm not just imaging things...

I hope it's not too much to hope that Phoenix's light rail will extend into Apache Junction by the year 2030 (which is, I think, about the time my upcoming NaNo will be set). My main character needs to go in to ASU to use the college library and I'm going to use the light rail rather than the bus -- see assumption above.

The weather seems to have finally broken; the high today was only 97. (I love the way we Phoenicians can say "only 97.") Quite pleasant. We're going to have overnight lows in the low sixties this week! Brrr! (I am serious. And don't call me Shirley.)

Craig Ferguson will be signing his new book (and doing a reading) in Seattle, but not here. Phooey.

In September 1720, climaxing on September 29, the South Sea investment bubble plummeted and eventually crashed. The stock value of the fraudulent South Seas Company went from a high of about 1,000 pounds earlier in 1720 to a low of 150 pounds. In order to inflate the value and expectations of the company, a series of rumors was deliberately circulated by directors and big investors suggesting that the company would soon gain exclusive trading rights with Spain’s Pacific colonies. Unheard-of ten percent dividends were announced, and spin-off companies were formed, making this investment seem as tempting as “dot-coms” nearly three centuries later. Robert Chambers’ Book of Days (1864) reported, “The Duke of Bridgewater and the Duke of Chandos were among the schemers. By these deceptive projects, which numbered nearly a hundred, one million and a half sterling was won and lost by crafty knaves and covetous fools … the only policy of the projectors was to raise the shares in the market, and then to sell out, leaving the bubble to burst.”

(Hence a “bubbler” is “one who cheats.”)

Today I stopped at the grocery store on the way home, and it was a very peculiar Wednesday in that it wasn't crowded at all. I bought a few things we needed, a few things I wanted, I didn't think that much, and spent quite a bit more than I expected. Yikes. Stupid cat food costs a fortune. Poor Cuervo, I feel like I'm pouring it right down the litter box...

I ate too many calories today because we had the department meeting and they served breakfast -- bagel sandwiches and muffins. I at least spread it out so I ate my muffin for lunch. I have lost seven pounds (knock wood) this month -- a couple came back yesterday, but I counted it as water weight (my favorite tweet so far: "Eagerly awaiting menopause") and still say I've lost that seven. I want to dip below 159 this week. (Yes, I tweet now. Not that I'm very interesting, or that I'm following many people, but there it is.) I'm hoping I can at least lose another five, perhaps a few more, before my cruise (in 45 days).

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!

I thought about having some deep thoughts, but instead I think I'll start dinner.

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